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How to improve the SEO of my website and increase the CTR

how to increase the CTR

In this article we will show you some tricks that will teach you how to improve the SEO of your website and increase the CTR.

Increasing the CTR is a very important factor in web SEO, since when a user does a search, either in Google or in any other search engine; This does not usually make a trip through all the pages of results that appear but in general, most of the users simply click on the links that are displayed on the first page. And sometimes they may go to the second page of results.

However, for those websites that are below the first and second page, the chances of generating quality traffic are low compared to the first positions. But even so, it cannot be ignored that there are times when people go even to the sixth or seventh page of results. And this action on the part of those users generates movement in the SERPS. That is, according to the clicks received by a website that is in the lowest results, its CTR will be higher and consequently, the search engines will take this as that those users who are clicking find the experience on the web satisfactory and They will make her climb positions.

improve the website SEO

Although before continuing, let’s first know a little more about CTR.


The CTR, also known in English as Click Through Rate, is an element of SEO that has to do with the percentage of clicks that a search result receives. Explaining this in a more concrete way, the CTR allows a website to position itself in the list of results of the SERPs according to the percentage of clicks it receives, which can make it rise in position.

Usually a SERP has an average of ten search results. Within this page the websites that are there are positioned based on the percentage of CTR they have. In this way, the SERPs take the website with the highest CTR as the one that should occupy the first place, while the rest of the websites will follow the same positioning model within that list of results.

improve the SEO


To calculate the CTR of your website and discover how your page is taken by the SERPs there is a key formula, which uses the basis that the CTR is the total number of clicks that a specific search result receives, and that a turn is divided by the number of times the result is reflected in the SERPs.

Although you do not have to worry about dealing with these types of calculations because web pages have the option to see directly what their CTR is through the Google Search Console tool.


improve the SEO of my website

To improve the CTR of your website there are some key tips that you should follow. Because you must bear in mind is that on your website there are several factors that can affect your CTR:

1. Title tag

The title tag is sometimes confused with the H1 tag. But actually title refers to the page title tag that will appear in users’ search results. If you have an attractive title, the more likely you are to attract users.

One tip on this is not to exceed 65 characters so that your title is not shortened by search engines.

2. Meta description

Although in SEO the meta description is not considered to have a direct value, this is an HTLM tag that is reflected in the search results.

This is why a good meta description can help attract new users. And if you put the keyword in bold, then it will attract attention more immediately.

3. Use of symbols and emojis in the title and meta description

Although symbols and emojis can be negative if you use them excessively, their use could be the ideal way to get the attention of users.

You just have to define which ones are indicated and copy and paste them in the title and meta description.

4. URLs

URLs are another element that appears in search results. YIf your URL is well structured and clear, it is interpreted positively in SEO. However, if you activate the breadcrumbs option together with this, the optimization will be at a higher level.

The breadcrumbs included as a plugin in Yoast SEO attract a lot of attention and help to generate internal links and improve the navigability of your website.

5. Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets are rich formats that act as data markers.

With its use you can make other more attractive elements appear in the search results, such as links or stars. Although Google is the one who makes the final decision to show these elements or not.

6. Date

Many users are looking for the most up-to-date content possible. That’s why there are those who remove the date of their publications so that they do not appear in the searches and instead, include the current year within the title of the search results.

How improve the SEO of my website


To improve the CTR of your website, in addition to optimizing the above factors, there are some tools that can help you, such as SEObox CTRbox, SerpTrade and SEOxCTR. Through these devices and platforms you can work on getting clicks for your website.

Although do not forget that if you want a more professional result, it is always good to trust experts such as SEO professionals from the digital marketing agency, who through key strategies will increase the percentage of CTR of your website getting you to start to generate a higher rate of customer attraction.

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