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How Google Core Updates Affect Your SEO Positioning

Google Core Updates

If you own a website or work in digital marketing, you’ve probably heard of Google’s dreaded “Core Updates.” These changes to Google’s search algorithm can have a significant impact on your website’s ranking in search results. In this article, we will look at what Google Core Updates are and how they can affect your SEO strategy .

What are Google Core Updates?

Google Core Updates are important in Google’s search algorithm that aim to improve the quality of search results. Google makes these changes several times a year, and their goal is to provide users with more relevant and useful results.

When a Core Update is released, Google adjusts how it evaluates and ranks websites based on a wide variety of factors. This means that the impact can be significant for many websites as they may experience changes to their position in search results.

The Impact on SEO Positioning

Google Core Updates can affect the positioning of your website in different ways:

Traffic fluctuations

One of the most immediate effects of a Core Update is the fluctuation in your website traffic. Some sites may see a significant increase in traffic, while others may see a decrease. These changes may be due to a reassessment of the relevance and quality of your content.

Ranking changes

Major updates can change your website’s position in search results. You can go from being on the first page to falling several positions, or vice versa. It is essential to periodically monitor your rankings and make adjustments to your SEO strategy if necessary.

Visibility improvements

On the other hand, Core Updates can also benefit your website. If your content is considered high quality and relevant to search queries, you may see an increase in visibility and traffic in the long term.

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How to adapt to Google Core Updates?

Since Google Core Updates are inevitable, it is essential to know how to adapt to them:

Offer high quality content

The key to surviving Google updates is to provide high-quality, relevant content to your audience. Make sure your content is useful, informative, and up-to-date.

Conduct an SEO audit

Performing an SEO audit periodically will allow you to identify areas for improvement on your website. Fix technical issues, optimize keywords, and improve user experience.

Stay updated

Staying aware of the latest SEO trends and practices is essential. SEO strategies are constantly evolving, and what worked before may not be effective after a Google update.


Google Core Updates are an inevitable part of the SEO world. It can have a significant impact on your website’s ranking, but by staying up-to-date, providing high-quality content, and conducting regular audits, you can minimize the negative impact and take advantage of the opportunities these changes can offer. At Excellent Digital Services we can help you. Contact us!

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