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Global Content vs. local content

Global Content vs local content

Who is your marketing strategy aimed at ? This is the question you should answer when thinking about global or local content . The implementation of different online techniques allows you to achieve greater profitability thanks to the advantages they provide.

The challenge is to broaden horizons without losing sight of the most specific niches . In the next lines we show you how to choose the most appropriate one in each case.

What is global content?

If you want your potential market to be the entire world , to reach audiences in all countries, this is your best option. To achieve this, you need to expand marketing strategies and plan promotion worldwide. The objective is to scale the recognition of your brand , its history, its aesthetics and the experience you offer to the customer to the highest level .

Globalization , or the incessant increase in interconnection between the economies of different nations, is one of the characteristics that best defines current commercial activity. Not only large companies, but also small ones, have an unprecedented opportunity to market products in each and every country.

It’s more than just being international: it’s being global and reaching everyone! To achieve this, you must know how to manage three fundamental aspects:

  • – Use the language of each country and its local expressions.
  • – Adapt to the culture, taking into account its uses and customs.
  • – Preserve the essence of the campaign, which must maintain a single strategy .

Global Content vs. local content

As we explained at the beginning, the key is the audience your campaign is aimed at: a specific niche or the entire planet. In this context, we want to delve into the characteristics of the two types of marketing that you can use.


The global strategy reaches large populations in many cities around the world by positioning your production in new and growing markets . Creates greater brand awareness and develops a high level of familiarity in consumers. This makes it possible to immediately recognize the name and logo, among other identifying characteristics.


The smaller extension of this audience allows you to segment the market into very homogeneous groups that are easier to transform into potential clients. Furthermore, it is possible to refine strategies to materialize a deeper identification with the local culture. It is easier to obtain the trust and empathy of customers by using content aligned with their idiosyncrasies. The end result is greater brand presence .

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When to use one or the other?

How can you choose the ideal marketing strategy for your company? It depends on several factors . Among them, your objectives, your operational capacity to produce, the budget you have and the particularities of your products deserve your attention. However, nothing prevents you from using both local and global content in your Online Marketing strategies.

As a guide, you should keep in mind that it is preferable to direct the campaign towards the local goal when your production is low or is not suitable for the different markets due to its exclusivity . Global campaigns are more expensive, and the financial resources you have can be a limiting aspect.

If, on the other hand, you have the budget to implement wide-ranging strategies , global content is what your business demands . It is essential that your product is interesting to consumers from different cultures and that you can adapt production to growing demand .

Global or local content? The answer is not always simple, but you count on Dlega Online, your Online Marketing company to make the best decision. Contact us to help you optimize your business’s presence on the Internet and achieve an exceptional level of sales.

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