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What is the purpose of a “focus keyphrase”

focus keyphrase

SEO has become an essential strategy for Google to give a good rating to a website . The application of elements such as a focus keyphrase is a basic requirement to optimize your results and achieve the best possible positioning of each page. Do you want to know the keys to how it works?

What is a focus keyphrase ?

It refers to the words for which you want your content to be ranked in search engines. Thus, when the user uses them as a search term, they will find your publication. Therefore, it is a way to optimize the texts on your website and show yourself in the first results of the Google ranking .

Why use focus keyphrase ?

Using a keyphrase is part of a keyword strategy to create quality content . And not only that, so that it is optimized for the purpose of improving the SEO of a web page .

In other words, when you use these types of key phrases, you will improve the results of the texts created. In this way, you will also get the best possible performance from your website . Therefore, when you write your posts , you should always keep in mind the need for them to be oriented to a specific keyphrase .

How to choose it?

Now that you know the importance of a focus keyphrase , you’re probably wondering how to choose the most appropriate one for your content. Achieving this involves following the steps that we explain below.

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Think about the users

Discover what your potential users are looking for to create a correct keyword strategy . Once you know the most common search terms , complete the task by finding complementary ones.

Your content optimization will be more successful if you stick to long-tail keywords . That is, those formed by more than one term, and that specify much more the concept to which you are referring. These types of keywords have a lower search volume, but offer an important advantage: they have less rivalry. Therefore, they have more possibilities of conversion and are more profitable.

Another option that you should keep in mind is searching for related keywords . To do this, you have various online tools that will help you undertake this task with objective data.

Check the data

You can’t decide on a key phrase without having verified data on its usage. Once selected, it is essential that you check its search volume with one of the existing Google tools. Next, compare the frequency and trends of searches in a specific time period of several to find out which is the most interesting for your target.

Likewise, it’s interesting to compare the key focus phrases used in some of your previous posts (similar to the ones you plan to write) to see what results they had. This will help you get an idea of ​​the potential traffic you can attract with the new copy.

Don’t forget about Google

Search Google for the key phrase you have decided on. It will allow you to find out if it fits the search intent of your potential audience. In turn, this provides you with other valuable information: the search engine will show you what type of content is most common for the chosen words: images, posts … That is, it will become your source of inspiration to create.

As you can see, if you are interested in getting good content for your website , the first thing you should do is create an adequate SEO strategy . This will allow you to optimize the texts for positioning in Google and, consequently, will increase your chances of viewing and conversion. In short, knowing and successfully handling elements such as focus keyphrases is an essential requirement to build a website that attracts the greatest number of potential users.

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