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What are pillar pages and topic clusters?: Impact on SEO

What are pillar pages and topic clusters

Do you know what pillar pages and topic clusters are ? It’s time to learn about the new marketing trends for 2021 and how they impact your SEO.

The concepts of inbound marketing and SEO have taken on great force in recent years. And although many tend to base both as individual keywords to improve positioning results, the truth is that today things have changed.

concepts of inbound marketing and SEO

So if you want to know how to turn around the factors that impact the SEO of your website, keep reading to discover what changes have occurred in the SEO world and learn the basic concepts related to these new times.

Changes in the SEO world 2021

Through the years there have been many changes in the SEO world related to the way in which users now perform their searches. SEO evolves according to user behavior and therefore the content has also undergone a complete change.

Changes in the SEO world 2021

And then we will show you which are the most prominent SEO changes:

Longer searches

One of the changes is that searches are now much longer . Keyword strategies used to be based on one or two terms, but the search trend has changed and 64% of searches include 4 or more terms.

Voice searches have also seen a 20% boom. Users now search in a more conversational and detailed way in order to better filter information .

better filter information

In addition, it becomes much more common to rely solely on the headings of the articles to “browse the content.”

A search engine that understands the user

Search engines now understand much better what users want thanks to the evolution of Google’s algorithms .

The information is interpreted with more precision and a global meaning is given to the searches, which are no longer focused on individual words.


The catch pages and topic clusters are presented as the new structure of the inbound marketing to create content and index it properly in search engines.

The new structure has three key points: catch pages , clusters and links , which help to position the themes of a web.


Pillar pages, what are they and their importance?

The pillar pages or pillar pages are the bases on which a group of contents is sustained. A pillar page covers the main points of a topic in summary form, while the cluster content covers the topics in more detail and links them to the main page.

This means that content can be written on a topic such as SEO strategies and a cluster content on pages.

You can make several secondary clusters and have the main idea that the pillar pages are longer than a blog article, and offer a quick response to a topic that you can delve into when entering a link article.

And it is that the behavior of the users has changed and because of this, the operation of the search engines is also doing it. And for this reason we must begin to rethink our content strategies.

What are the main pillar pages?

Depending on the topic covered, the pillar pages can be very different from each other, but among these there are 3 main types of pillar pages :

Pillar page 10x

It is one of the types of pillar pages that require more elaboration. Much of its content is self-made. And being long pages, it includes internal navigation menus.

Pillar resource page

They are one of the simplest pillar pages . These pillar pages are focused on links both internally and externally. It is essential that each section includes some text, since the objective of this page is to provide the user with access to the most relevant links.

Pillar page of subtopics

This type of pillar page focuses on those topics that are less related to the company’s problem, but that serve to position ourselves in a better way.

For this pillar page, you should not include the site’s navigation menu, because the goal is for the user to read the content and not be distracted by other things.

Create a pillar page

The first step in creating a pillar page is to stop considering your website as a set of keywords. The key is to think about the topics you want to position.

Create a strategy where you are clear about what topics you will use and above all, that these respond to the main concerns and doubts of the users , but if they want to go a little deeper they must click on one of the links to go to a content cluster .

Some examples of catching pages that work very well are GoodUI: Evidence (focused on sharing results) and Cloud Elements: The Definitive Guide to API Integration (it is a platform that helps companies connect with third-party software).

What are topic clusters

What are topic clusters?

The topic clusters consist of pages that delve into the topics that are mentioned in the pillar pages. In general, its format is blog article type, but videos, infographics, among others, can also be used.

Each cluster is usually organized based on a keyword, but always taking into account solving the user’s doubts and that the content provided is of value.

Why are links so important?

The links are very important for any website. If a site is not properly linked, users will not navigate properly from one page to another, since links pass authority between pages and allow this function.

There are several ways to organize pillar pages and clusters, but ideally, the pillar page will link to the main clusters and then back to the page. And in the case of closely related topics, links between clusters must be introduced.

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